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Anne Witherspoon

Deanne Witherspoon

Anne Witherspoon in Plano Pacers races

  Date     Race    Time     Pace   5Keq  Age  Score
11/24/18   15K  1:38:22    10:33   30.3   47   60.8
10/27/18 10K 1:02:46 10:06 29.9 47 61.7
Pace is the calculated average pace per mile in mm:ss format. 5Keq is the equivalent 5K finish time in minutes and tenths. Score is a performance grade with factors for age and sex.
            100 +             national competitor
            90-99             regional competitor
            80-89             local competitor
            70-79             above average
            60-69             near average
            50-59             below average
            40-49             novice runner
            30-39             fitness walker